2019 Global Currency Update by Jason Kunpf

What’s in store for the global currencies in 2019? More volatility, with the US President in thee headlines, shaking the world order up. 

The US Economy is showing continued strength, even thought the frothy stock market has given back some of its gains. Democrats coming into power will another level of intrigue, while trying to work with or around the President.

Eurozone softness and internal contemplations, expecially with the Brexit uncertainty add another dynamic variable. 

Of course China is the elephant in the room, how will it’s continued growing world stature affect global markets? With some softening in its economy probably a minor blimp in it rise. 

India, Latin America and the rest of Asia are the other areas of interest, but with rumbling at the top, the rest of the world is along for a ride more than affecting it. 

With continued volatility in the Global Currency markets and Stock markets, I hope you are properly managing any foreign exchange exposures you have coming over the next year or two, as volatility will likey be high and your currency pairs could fluctuate significantly.


Jason Kumpf

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