How to send money to the UK at the best foreign exchange rate? By Jason Kumpf

How to send money to the UK at the best foreign exchange rate?

By Jason Kumpf

Every year, in fact, every day, thousands of people send money to their family, friends or relatives in the UK. There can be a lot of reasons behind it. Some send it to support the other people financially and some send it for some business purpose. Whatever the reason is, the point is the money needs to be transferred. There is a need to have certain ways in which the money can be transferred with minimum effort. With the advancement of technology, new ways are becoming quite popular for this purpose. The process is becoming much and much easier with the introduction of new techniques. Following are the options that can be used to transfer your money to the UK.

1.    Cash money transfers:

There are a lot of money transfer centres that will be available in your surroundings. These money centres are mainly operated with the MoneyGram or the Western Union. You just have to hand over the cash amount that you need to transfer in the UK. The currency you are submitting will change into the currency that is used in the UK.

2.    Create a bank account:

Bank accounts allow you to transfer money in any part of this world. You can also use inline banking processes to transfer your money from one place to the other. It will be best if the other person has the account as well and if it is in the same branch then the process will become easier. With the help of this transfer, the money will be instantly available to the other person. Moreover, there is a need to know the account number of the other person.

3.    Money transfer cell phones applications:

With the help of your smart phone, you can download and use applications that will help you in transferring the money from one place to the other. Due to the increased use of smartphones, all the applications and the facilities now have the cell phone versions. Just entre the required information into the specified place and your money will be transferred to the UK. By connecting the internet to your cell phone, connect to your friends and family and help them financially.  One such solution is OFX Global Payments, where one can find better foreign currency exchange rates and fast payments.

4.    Use your debit or credit cards:

Credit and debit cards are becoming a quite common way of having money. Instead of carrying cash in your hand, the credit or debit card allows you to handle all your money related matters easily. The amount that is saved in your account will be used for every transaction. These cards are a good mean for the transfer of money to the UK. Moreover, the money sent from debit or credit cards will be sent with a faster speed as compared to the bank.


Above are the means through which you can transfer the money to your family or friends in the UK.

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