Jason Kumpf Latest Methods to Improve Your Clients International Business

Jason Kumpf

Latest Methods to Improve Your Clients International Business

International business is littered with a myriad of challenges. Overcoming the challenges and making profit amidst competition is extremely difficult. Entrepreneurs all over the world change their approach from time to time in order to improve their business and enhance their profit margins. With the help of off-shore developers, businessmen are on the lookout for devising new plans and strategies that will serve them well in the longer run.

With the ever-changing face of the economic world in the light of rampant technological development, it is crucial that businesses are supported by the latest methods for their optimal growth. Popular software and ERP tools help a great deal in managing an international business systematically and should be made use of at every given opportunity. Travel management of the travelling staff, faster delivery services, and a great online platform can go a long way in sustained profit margins. Mentioned below are the latest methods that can really help an international business prosper:

  1. Use of Currency Exchange Software

Trading between countries requires an entrepreneur to be constantly aware of the currency rates. Being about currency rates at all time and the ability to convert your currency into the currency of the companies with which you are trading is extremely important. A lot of wonderful software applications are available now that can be used for making this task easy.


  1. OFX Global Payments: OFX is a leading online platform that allow individuals and businesses to access close to wholesale FX prices, improving their international payments by up to 60% instantly and easily.
  2. Canopus Money Transfer by Canopus Innovative Technologies: It is a software solution designed for the automation of Remittance & Instant Money Transfer payment systems. Canopus Money Transfer sends/payouts of transactions from external international MTOs and also provides remittance service on its own service network. It comprises a back-office financial platform along with administrator and operator tools. It also has an agent tool that sends and payout transactions in cash.
  3. AbleTrend by AbleSys: This is one of the best currency exchange software in the market. It has a number of built-in time-tested trading strategies. The software is a complete mechanical trading system in itself and works with any market and with any time interval.
  4. CurrencyTransfer by CurrencyTransfer: When you have this software installed, you do not need banks for carrying out your money transactions. It lets you save up to 50% on your international payments and increases your profit margins in every deal.
  5. Forex System Selector by Forex Capital Markets: This innovative currency exchange software offers unbelievable results. It allows you to create portfolios using pairs from back tested systems with signals automatically executed on your account.


  1. Use of Accounting Software


Accounting software is a software application that performs the task of recording and processing accounting transactions. It performs the work within functional modules such as general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and trial balance. International business requires an entrepreneur to be ready with his account details at all time. There are many accounting software available in the market that can be utilized for best results. Have a look at some prominent accounting software that can make your work a lot easier:

  1. NetSuite: For buyers looking for an accounting solution hosted in the Cloud, NetSuite is the perfect software. Besides core accounting, NetSuite includes customer marketing, HR and inventory management modules.
  2. Intacct: Intacct’s cloud-based accounting solution offers reporting, forecasting, performance management and invoicing. It is built on the Oracle database and can be accessed via any Web browser.
  3. Multiview: Multiview is an enterprise accounting solution and it comprises of 14 modules to help organizations manage their financials, analyze assets, and report on its cash flow by making use of visualized reports.
  4. Sage Fixed Assets: This is the best software for fixed asset management. It is a Windows-based solution that supports over fifty methods of tracking the depreciation of manageable assets.
  5. Deskera: This software comes as a blessing for manufacturing operations. Deskera has fully configurable product capabilities and provides real-time notifications and updates.


  1. Relocation Services


An international business requires a company to send its employees out of the country for meeting the clients or work in an overseas branch. Instead of handling this task by itself, an international enterprise can make use of relocation services offered by a third-party. These companies include a range of internal business processes for transferring employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location.


  1. Use of Faster Delivery Services


Making use of best delivery services is crucial for the growth of an international business. A company that deals in shipping of goods should analyze the available delivery services and choose the best one possible. Making a compromise in terms of quality is not ideal when it comes to delivering goods internationally. Prosperity in international business is solely dependent on your reputation. Failure to meet deadline of even a single deal can be detrimental to your international business.


  1. Online Presence


Online presence of a multi-national company decides its popularity. Investing whole-heartedly in a website and making sure that it meets the international standards is essential for promoting an online business in the virtual space. With more and more companies scouting the market online and looking for new partners, a great online presence will make sure that you get the right exposure.


  1. Employing Local Experts


Hiring local talent helps you cross the cultural divide. Employing local experts provides an insight into the thought process of the people that you are dealing with. It is not a bad idea to send local employees for meetings with the client as they will be able to communicate better.




With a change in the outlook of people towards international business, more and more companies are joining the fray. With an increase in competition, you need to stay ahead of the competitors by making use of the latest methods and applications. Every single input that benefits the trade will add up, and eventually lead to the rise of your international business to new heights.

By Jason Kumpf

International Business Specialist

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