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Welcome to World Wits, I am Jason Kumpf, founder of World Wits, where savvy people and companies come to check out the latest strategies and tactics to improve your international activities.  From understanding new countries and cultures you may be interacting with, to improving your existing global operations.  Whether you are an Expat from Europe living in the US, an Australian Company expanding into Asia, a Global Traveler.

For individuals there are tips on International Travel, Global Finance, Foreign Real Estate, Foreign National Mortgages, Travel Insurance, Global Citizen Credit Cards & Car Leases, Dual Country Tax and Accounting, Immigration, Visas and more.

For companies; we have tip on global banking, credit lines, cross cultural sales and marketing, new country alliances and partnerships, human resource compliance, employee and subcontractor hiring, International Tax & Accounting, Global Law, Foreign Investments and more.

With our platform and partnership of leading international solution providers, World Wits can be your one stop shop for all your international needs.  We have reviewed, researched and worked with our partners and know they can help you succeed in your global ventures.

For more informational nd a free consultation, please contact Jason Kumpf, at Jason@WorldWits.

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